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Cakes and Bakes

Custom Cakes and Baked Items

Cakes, Cupcakes, Cobbblers, and all other baked creations are customizable and always a great addition to any event.

Custom items please give a minimum of 4 weeks to create, plan, and execute.
Brunch/Dinner Catering


Slim's Baked Goodies is here with you in mind! Derived from a background of culinary arts and creation to now offering cannabis friendly infusions to help aleviate natural ailments to the mind and body. 

This is fully optional and up to the discretion of each booked client.
Health & Wellness Focused

Licensed and Certified

We have been featured on NBC Bay Area, and also launced one of the first "Cooking with Cannabis" classes in the Bay Area for adult recreational use.

All catering, both cannabis and non cannabis, are available for booking.

About US

 Slim's BakeD Goodies LLC.  is focused on providing a more personalized,health conscious approach for EVERYONE! Patients choosing to partake in medicated edible cannabis, we are here for you too!  All of these options can also be created without dairy and of course medication free!! We want to reunite the connection between healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. No matter the sensitivity, we acquire the empathy and can provide the edible assortment for your medical history.

Core Value:
BakeD's promise of Quality, Deliciously Hand prepared cannabis edibles, which provide relief to an array of symptoms including: insomnia, pain, nausea, sensitivity to smoke and/or other inhalants.

BakeD's products are backed by Lab Tested Organics Only and California Serv Safe Certified hand preparation offering a more informative and safe approach to your medication needs.

Offering Quality products with dynamic customer service, We Guarantee Satisfaction and originality!!

Slim's BakeD Goodies L.L.C objective goal is to reunite healthy meals, ingredients, and recipes back into families lives. Everyday is a race to the finish line!! Well.. with work, school, practices, rehearsals, overtime, traffic, and all the other conflicting schedule opportunities; cooking is usually the last check mark on the list of "Things to Do" ! Slim's BakeD Goodies wants to bridge that gap...

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Meal Prep

With focus on salt and sugar reduction Certified American Heart Association trained Chef Sallie will go after your core goals, Whether it be weight loss, Diabetes, or just to bring some schedule to your life..

Tiered & Custom Cakes

All we need is a picture and an idea of what you envision and we are here to bring that idea into fruition. Choose the cake of your dreams today!

Brunch, Lunch, Dinner

Table side service and preparation available for groups of 6 or more. Group rates for classes and catering vary