Slim's BakeD Goodies 

Slim's Baked Goodies was created with you in mind. Far too often we are chasing the clock, deadlines, late appointments and unfortunetley eating healthy has become a thing of the past. ​​
With our expertise in healthy food preparation, considerate cost analysis, and time conscious recipes we can help get your family back on board.  Not all meals are created equal, and do you really trust getting a meal in the mail?? For unique family needs there should be a healthy, AFFORDABLE, and local alternative to drive thrus. 
Trusting your food source and preparation again can be achieved with Slim's Baked Goodies LLC. Over 14 years of hands on corporate restaurant experience for your table side.
Keep your tip, save the trip, and let us bring the hospitality to YOU.
      Fresh & Healthy
Aesthetically Plated &Packaged
     Conscience Cuisine

Specialty Requests Welcomed

Decadent Desserts
Let us make you something familiar, unique, or custom in celebration of your event... Every occasion is different and special, so lets create a package for your event and YOUR BUDGET! Celebrations are a reason for gathering, smiles, and a time for memories to be built. Let us take care of you and your loved ones with a reputation you can trust and a dessert that wont disappoint!
Fondant Style Cakes

Fondant and covered cakes. Please allow up to 30 days advance order. Proposals built on client to client basis. prices may vary.

Specialty "Viral" Cakes

Cakes often seen online or replicated from ideas previously seen. Please allow up to two weeks advance notice. Prices may vary.

"From orchard and garden to your table. Slim's BakeD Goodies can guarauntee the best organics and from "scratch" preparation for each item. Local honey, farm fresh meats, and always in support of local businesses in the Bay Area."
-Chef Sallie B.
Traditional Cakes

Need a simple standard cake with a bit of flair? These are the ones for you. Heart shapes, 6 inch, standard size cakes.