Slim's BakeD Goodies 

About Us

Slim's BakeD Goodies promise of quality food, party platters, dinner assortements, birthday cakes & cupcakes always baked with love and pride!

Our products are backed by Lab Tested Organics Only and California Serv Safe Certified hand preparation offering a more informative and safe approach to your medication & catering needs.

Overall, Slim's BakeD Goodies wants  to be able to promote healthy eating and encourage families to get back to the basics!! Cooking in the kitchen and creating fun new recipes is what a lot of households are missing. That community love that has been lost in the mad dash for success in our lives. I feel nature intended it to be thisway, so utilizing nature's remedies into recipes that will remain in hearts and recipe books for decades to come.
We want to help families one pie at a time!

Check Us out!! We are on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram posting the latest creations, taking orders, posting the latest in food and health news, and interacting with our Bay Area neighbors. We look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Chef Sallie B... A single mother who has worked the kitchen since since 1991, now with over 14 years versed in industry kitchen standards and preparation. 

"I understand the mad dash of life  more than I care to discuss! This is what inspires me to take that experience and bring it to my own kitchen and in turn to your tables!

Slim's BakeD Goodies was created out of love and with compassion and most of all empathy to the families that are suffering from diabetes,heart disorders, blood disorders, asthma, cancers all stemming from food and medicine ingestion."

Slim's BakeD Goodies is not all about sweets. We also offer Weekly Food Prep, Dairy Free Butter Alternatives, Medicinal Infused Food, and meat free options as well!

The name may be Slim, but that's never the case when it comes to our pickings!